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Haven't serviced your shower for a while – or maybe ever?

Not sure exactly what to do
but know you should be doing something?

Our Services

Leaky Showers

Most leaking showers are caused by failed grout or caulking, which can lead to both visible and unseen water damage, such as dry rot. About Grout's time-tested techniques often can resolve these issues without an expensive rebuild of the shower.


Broken, loose, damaged tile, stone, and grout steals from the function and beauty of your investment. About Grout uses a variety of specialized repair processes, often being able to restore tile back to looking like new.


Glass Block

The absorbent mortar between glass block allows moisture to penetrate, often leading to hard-to-reach mold and a dirty, discolored appearance. Our services mitigate this damage.


Narrow, non-sanded grout shrinks, allowing water behind the tile. Replacement of the grout becomes necessary. After thousands of regrouts, About Grout has this process mastered.

Stone Polishing

Slabs, limestone, marble, and other natural stone can become worn, scratched, and etched. We restore and polish these surfaces.

Floor Tile Refinishing

Many quarry, clay, and unglazed terracotta tiles can benefit from stripping and refinishing. About Grout carries this expertise from our beginnings in Arizona.


Real Estate Sales Support

Whether you are a new buyer, or a seller, we are your source to renew and refresh all your tile, grout, and stone surfaces. Our services are utilized by many local realtors.

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