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Image by Timothy Eberly

About About Grout

We are the first tile business in the Puget Sound to specialize solely in maintenance and restoration, debuting our unique processes in the Seattle area in 1996. We observed then (as we do today) that most tile installers lack the knowledge and motivation to help customers extend the life of their tile through preventive and restorative care.


About Grout continues to lead the tilecare industry in the Seattle area, preserving the trust of even our earliest clients throughout the decades. Today, our customers receive the benefits of more than 30 years of specialized expertise, resulting in ingenuitive, superior-looking solutions at a fraction of the price of replacement.

Our Mission

Tile has been used around the world as an artistic and functional building material since the beginning of recorded history (c. 4000 BC), renowned for both its durability and decoration.

Whether crafted by human hands or the processes of nature, tile brings color, character, and function to our surroundings and into our lives.

We at About Grout Tile Specialties aspire to be the caretakers, managers, and technicians charged with keeping your tile beautiful and easy to maintain.


Our Story

About Grout’s roots go back to the tile-rich culture of Phoenix, AZ in 1986, where the owner, Jeff, operated a large-scale tile installation company. During his years mastering the ins and outs of tile installation, Jeff noticed that few in the industry seemed to care about maintenance, and none had thought to offer it as a packaged service.


After testing his new business idea and processes in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas with astonishing results, Jeff moved his family and his company to the Seattle area in the mid 90s. Since then, About Grout’s unique methods have saved countless thousands of Washingtonians from needless, expensive tear-outs, and established our company as the Puget Sound’s leader in professional tile care.

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